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Experience Enhancement

Are you interested in increasing you competitive market position by developing or enhancing your tourism experiences to align with consumer demand? Do you have lots of great ideas but aren't sure what to do next? Do you need some guided direction so you can get your experience developed, priced, and to market? This section will highlight upcoming opportunities on experience development and enhancement, from toolkits and workshops to coaching.

Experience Development Coaching
Regional Tourism Organziation 8 offers one-on-one  professional coaching from the Tourism Café Canada through the Partnership Allocation Program. Acceptance into the program means that your business is able to gain access to Canada's leading experts at a fraction of the cost!  For more information, contact Julie Cain.

Resort Toolkit
Resorts of Ontario hosted a series of workshops to assist resort owners on experiential development strategies which will sustain and grow their businesses. The end result is an exceptional toolkit which will provide a deeper understanding of experiential development, its key elements and how this roadmap can be a useful resource to owners as they combine their physical tourism assets with visitor emotions.

For your printable PDF copy of Resorts of Ontario 2013 Workshop Toolkit

For additional information, please contact Resorts of Ontario at 1-800-363-7227 or go to