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Digital Footprint 2019
Helping You Increase Your Digital Presence 


Are you a tourism-based business located in Northumberland County?

Do you want to see your business grow with a more dynamic website and a better social media presence? 

Northumberland County has launched Digital Footprint 2019. This exciting initiative provides tourism operators in the County with a plan to help with digital marketing in today’s competitive tourism marketplace.

It’s Free. It’s Invaluable. 

How Digital Footprint 2019 Works
 A FREE digital assessment of your website and your social media platforms will be conducted.  You’ll get a plan to guide your digital marketing competitiveness going forward.

This pilot project is led by Northumberland Tourism in partnership with Brighton-CramaheNorthumberland CentralPort Hope & District and Trent Hills chambers of commerce.

 All assessments are confidential with recommendations shared with you through a discussion with your local chamber of commerce representative.

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How to Qualify for Help Through Digital Footprint 2019
1.  Your small business must be located in Northumberland County.

 2.  Your small business must be in one of these categories:

•  Accommodation
•  Performing arts
•  Art/artist or artisan
•  Festivals
•  Heritage
•  Area attractions
•  Agri-tourism
•  Restaurant/dining
•  Specialty shopping/retail
•  Outdoor adventure experiences
•  Spa/retreats
To see examples of local, tourism-related businesses, visit our tourism website.

3.  You have operated your business for 18 months or more. 

4.  You have a current digital presence, i.e. website and/or social media presence. 

The Timing of this Program
• The assessment phase of this program runs from May to August 2019. Since it is conducted online, there is no need to be in your place of business.

• The one-on-one meetings with your local chamber of commerce to discuss recommendations will continue until late fall. 

How to Register
Contact or your local Northumberland-based Chambers of Commerce. Don’t delay. Program registration is limited.


What Others are Saying about Digital Footprint 2019

 “I am really excited that Northumberland Tourism is supporting a digital marketing assessment of Westben and other businesses. Digital marketing is key to Westben’s marketing plan, but it is challenging to keep up with all the ever-changing elements and platforms of the digital world. I know the assessment will be extremely informative and helpful in expanding Westben’s audience reach. Attracting new visitors to Westben is key for sustainability.”
- Donna Bennett, Advancement & Marketing Director, Westben Centre for Connection & Creativity 

“Digital marketing is a critical communication tool for any business. Almost everyone uses the internet or social media to search for goods and services so it is imperative that I have an online presence for my B&B/Farm Stay/Retreat & Wedding Venue business. I've tried to navigate through social media and my own website. I'm thrilled about being a part of the Digital Footprint project. Receiving professional advice on how I can improve my online presence will be invaluable!"
- Sam Campbell,
 Owner & Host of Cobblestone Farm Retreat