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Festival And Events Tool Kit

Promoting your event can be a daunting task.  To help you, we have compiled a tool kit -- a contact list of media, organizations or websites which will list your event - free. 

This list is updated periodically.  If we have missed a good lead, we welcome your suggestions.

Download a PDF copy of the free print and online publicity tool kit

Tourism Regional Economic Impact Model (TREIM)

The Ministry of Tourism has an online tool which helps event organizers measure the economic impact of their event, referred to as the Tourism Regional Economic Impact Model or TREIM. This model is helpful for event organizers who wish to develop a business case for funding applications.   Also, it is a beneficial tool for organizations and people working in or interested in tourism to learn more about the impact the industry has on the provincial and local economies. 

TREIM has a number of modules to help individuals and organizations learn more about the economic impact of tourism. Modules include:

  • Visitor Spending – estimates the economic impact of tourism spending in a specific region and/or for a specific event. There are 17 built-in activity options, including festivals, golfing, casinos.
  • Operational Expenses – estimates the economic impact of operating an ongoing business, such as an attraction, retail business, hotel or restaurant.
  • Investment Expenditures – estimates the economic impact of investing in or building a tourism facility such as an attraction, retail business, hotel or restaurant.
  • Convention Centre Activity – estimates the economic impact of a convention, including delegate and exhibitor spending, as well as production costs.

 Learn more about the TREIM methodology. For best results, please ensure inputs are accurate. If you require visitor data a from specific consensus divisions, please contact the Ministry's Tourism Research Unit (see below).  Please note the most current visitor data will be from  2 to 3 years prior since the data is collected from Statisitics Canada the following year,  analyzed using other research and then sent to the Ministry of Tourism. From there the Ministry of Tourism research division extracts relevant visitor statistics and further assess the data with other travel studies.

 Link to TREIM

If you require assistance  or more information, please contact Alex Athanassakos or Kim Macgregor from the Tourism Research Unit, Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport  at 416-314-7317.


Provincial Funding for Festivals

The Tourism Event Marketing Program is merging with the Celebrate Ontario program to streamline the application process for festivals and events. New and existing events may now apply for marketing funding through the Celebrate Ontario program. The newly combined program will continue to strengthen Ontario's tourism offerings through closely aligned and focused programming and marketing support. If you require more information, please contact Bev Cameron  from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport at or 705-755-5883.